Learning the Software over Time

I was recommend Quickbooks by many people to better manage my finances. Everyone seemed to love the software and claimed that it made their lives much easier. After I purchased and installed the software, I ran into a roadblock that I didn’t consider. I was basically going in blind, because I had no idea how to use the software. I looked at the help files and tried some trial and error, it wasn’t enough, and I had to use one of the Quickbooks customer support websites to figure out how to use the software for my needs.

I wanted some basic help with balancing my finances, and I figured that someone else had the same questions as I did in the past, so I searched through some commonly asked questions to find answers. I did get some of the answers that I needed with using the software, but there were still some that I couldn’t figure out, so I asked a user directly on the website. It wasn’t long before I received a helpful response that allowed me to do exactly what I needed to do with the software. I did some more reading on the website to learn about various ways to use the software that I might need in the future.

Since using the software and reading the customer support website, I have become more skilled in Quickbooks. When I told my mother how easy it was to use the software, she asked me if I could show her how to use it. My mother isn’t exactly that skilled when it comes to using computers or software. Once I tried to teach her how to send an email to more than one person at a time, and it took over an hour. I haven’t made any arrangements yet, but when I actually start teaching her to use the software, I think it will take a month.